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Designing beyond Design

Create a Mindful Future, Together.




We strive to build a more enriching living environment and culture, as well as contribute to the sustainable development of the Japanese industry and the international community, by actively creating together, between members and between fields

At JIDA, educators, policymakers, administrators, and experts from all horizons are striving to create a prosperous future through design as a domain present in everyday life, experiences and services.
As a public interest incorporated association, we engage in co-creation activities that contribute to the evolution and development of industry and society.

Industrial design has always acted as a pioneer.
While inheriting this expertise and exploring the course of change, we believe that our mission is to create new value for the business and social environment.
Formerly the Japan Industrial Designers’ Association, JIDA relaunched a new beginning as the Japan Industrial Design Association in April 2021.

*Our motto “Create a Mindful Future, Together.” is based on our objectives described in the JIDA outline (2003).



Definition of Industrial Design

Industrial design is grounded in creativity; it is the act of creating new objects and ideas, thus opening up a better tomorrow by providing “social, cultural and economic value”.

Covering everything from innovative problem-solving to value creation that appeals to people's hearts, industrial design connects people, technology, and society through the creation of products, systems, services, and experiences in diverse industries.