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Membership Benefits

(Regular and Supporting Members)


  • Regular members who are sole proprietors of design can join the National Health Insurance Association for the Arts and Letters. However, they are required to meet the association's screening criteria for enrollment.
  • Regular members, freelance designers and design-related business owners can register with JAPAN DESIGNERS.
    JAPAN DESIGNERS is Japan's only national designer database that introduces designers across fields for the purpose of business matching between designers and companies in Japan and abroad.


  • Participate in committees and research, and conduct business activities independently
  • Receive free copies of JIDA periodicals
  • Get member discounts on all JIDA books and tools
  • Participate in JIDA-sponsored events for free or at a discounted rate
  • Use the JIDA Gallery (use of the gallery is limited to members only)
  •  Get member discounts on design materials, stationery, and more.
  • AXIS direct sales (Living Motif, Le Garage): discounted 10%
    All Too stores: discounted 10%


  •  Use JIDA benefits at many social, health, and wellness facilities
    C’est la vie Resort Izumigo: special discount
  • Sole proprietors who are regular members of JIDA may join the National Health Insurance Union of Artists
  • Freelance designers and design-related business owners who are regular members may register with JAPAN DESIGNERS*

* JAPAN DESIGNERS is Japan’s only national database of designers and seeks to connect companies in Japan and overseas with designers across various fields. It began in March 2014 as a project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and is today managed and operated by the Council of the Design Association of Japan (D-8).