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In-House Designer's Role Inside and Outside the Company and How to Transcend the Domain -Designers in the New Era Learning from the DXD Camp

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In-House Subcommittee:佐藤敏明


The world of design is rapidly changing and shifting toward the creation of diversity and creativity not only by deepening areas of expertise but also through collaboration with other divisions and external partners.

In response to this shift, JIDA has changed its name from the Japan Industrial Designers Association to the Japan Industrial Design Association, and will engage in co-creation activities that contribute to the evolution and development of industry and society as a public interest organization that includes professionals from multiple fields, education, government relations, and management.

This event will focus not only on traditional expertise but also on people who are active beyond the boundaries of design, sharing new discoveries through their experiences.

Working Beyond BoundariesConcrete examples of design activities by non-designers and activities in non-design areas by designers will be presented. The speakers will not merely describe success stories, but will also talk realistically about what kind of awareness and behavioral changes were made in the course of these activities.

赤羽絵美  セイコーエプソン株式会社 経営戦略推進部
福元涼介  富士通株式会社 デザインセンター
白川桜子  日本電気株式会社 コーポレートデザイン部

Cultivating designers who transcend boundaries
We will share the program practiced at the "DXD Camp," a school specializing in "Design in the Broadest Sense" (applicable to IPA DX Promotion Skill Standards).This is an excellent opportunity to gain a new perspective on how design works. In-house designers and management, as well as corporate executives and managers who wish to incorporate design management, are encouraged to attend.


【Outline of the event】
■Date and Time:Tuesday, October 10, 2023 17:30 - 19:00
■Location & Fee:On-site or live-streamed online
・On-site participation (paid/ limited to 50 people, first-come-first-served basis)
 Location:THE CAMPUS (Kokuyo Corporation Tokyo Shinagawa Office attached)
 Entrance Fee:JIDA member 2,000 yen, general 5,000 yen, student 1,000 yen *including drink (tax included)
・ZOOM Online Live Streaming (free of charge)
 ※There are no plans to distribute the archive.
■Organizing:Japan Industrial Design Association In-House Section 佐藤敏明
■Cooperation:トリニティ株式会社 DXDキャンプ事務局
※DXD Campsite: