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Solo Exhibition "MICHI KUMIKO" by MAI SUZUKI

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Gallery Group:section chairman Nobori Tomoo



Mai Suzuki, a member of DESIGNART2023 U30, will hold a solo exhibition at the JIDA Design Museum  under the theme of "MICHI KUMIKO". The potential of Kumiko, a traditional craft, is that it can "assemble" all kinds of elements beyond the time and space of the past and future. Combining the richness of ancient values and techniques with modern sensibilities and technology, I create "unknown" possibilities for future lifestyles. This is what I call "Kumiko," the art of assembling the "unknown.

In this exhibition, I will combine "yoshizukushi" named after ukiyo-e from the Edo period.'Yoshi' means good and 'Zukushi' means a lot. For example,'Good mood', 'good luck', 'always good'.These expresses the "iki" spirit of the Edo people, who accepted everything as 'good'. Recently, in the world of 'tradition', it seems that it is easy to say 'no' to new challenges. So I would like to find undiscovered possibilities by accepting everything as "yoshi".  (by MAI SUZUKI)


【 Outline of the event】
・Date:Oct. 20.Fri ~ Oct. 29.Sun ※Free Admission
・Hours: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
・Location: JIDA Design Museum in AXIS


Mai Suzuki

Born 1998 in Tokyo. President of Namaiki. She explores Japanese aesthetic sense "iki" from various perspectives and asks what "richness at heart" is through the traditional craft of "kumiko", in which "iki" lives. The project studied techniques under Kumiko craftsmen and made 3D models of the parts. Combines traditional craftsmanship and technology to design undiscovered possibilities. After leaving Dentsu Inc. to start her own business, she has been involved in strategic planning projects centred on product design. Currently leading the project as the youngest partner of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's 'Edo Tokyo Kirari' project.
Major media appearances include Nikkei MJ (2023), TSK TV's TAKUMI (2022), AXIS Web magazine (2022), The Japan Times (2022), Shoten Kenchiku (January issue) (2023) and Soen (March issue) (2023).

【More Information】