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JIDA Activities

JIDA is a public interest organization that has been carrying on and developing the culture of creating beautiful industrial design from 1952 to today.

We aim to create a future that is rich in spirit.

We are committed to co-creating activities that contribute to the evolution and development of industry and society by collaborating with experts, educators, government officials, and executives in a wide range of fields of design, from daily life and experiences to services.


Center Activities , Block Activities

JIDA is organized into nationwide centers and five regional blocks.

The center's activities are centered on six public interest projects to promote and raise awareness of industrial design in Japan and abroad.

In addition, each block activity promotes the value of industrial design and regional revitalization through seminars and workshops.


Public Interest Activities

JIDA's specific activities are centered on six public interest projects (*see link below): "qualification, seminars, hands-on activities, museums, surveys/research, and exchanges."

In addition to these activities, we strive to improve professional skills by sharing information among members and providing professional support.

These activities synergistically deepen and enhance industrial design and contribute to a society that continues to change.