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【 ISDW 2021年 】

オンラインで開催された、2021年 ISDW 国際学生デザインワークショップ 







ISDW(International Student Design Workshop)国際学生デザインワークショップである。






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ISDW国際学生デザインワークショップ 冊子:






Omoiyari means compassion or sympathy in English. It is to pay attention to the feelings or situations of others and take care of them.

Behind this is the feeling of care for the other people.

It is said that society has become richer, but on the other hand, various disparities have arisen, making vulnerable people even more difficult situation.

At such times, a compassionate heart is required.

In the first place, design is also an act of caring for people. You need to put your compassionate heart into the design of your products or services.

Participating students with diverse backgrounds will work in teams under the guidance of professional tutors from global companies and organizations.

The teams will investigate existing and foreseeable struggles related to the theme,

and deliver solutions using integrated approaches on projects that may be performed in real life.

The scope of the projects may include the designs of products, systems, and services.

The final design outcomes are expected to be conceptual yet practical.

The deliverables will be presented in a digital format.



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