ISDWとは(International Student Design Workshop)国際学生デザインワークショップ の組織です。


学生の国際的視野を広げるために、公益社団法人日本インダストリアルデザイン協会 JIDA(Japan Industrial Designers Association)、

韓国インダストリアルデザイン協会 KAID(Korea Association of Industrial Designers)、

台湾工業デザイン協会 CIDA(China Industrial Designers Association)と共同で国際学生デザインワークショップを毎年開催しています。






ISDW (International Student Design Workshop) is an organization of international student design workshops.

To broaden students' international perspectives,  JIDA (Japan Industrial Designers Association),  KAID (Korea Association of Industrial Designers),

and CIDA  (China Industrial Designers Association)jointly hold an International Student Design Workshop every year.

Students from three countries will be grouped together in mixed groups for group workshops using English as the common language.

The workshop is of a high level, with each group presenting their finished work in English.





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