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A brief history of JIDA

1952 JIDA founded on 20th October
1957 Becomes a member of ICSID as it is founded
1958 First issue of “JIDA News”
1965 At the ICSID General Meeting in Vienna, JIDA expresses its intention to hold ICSID Meetings in Japan.The first Japan Industrial Design meeting is held (in Tokyo)
1966 The Council of the Design Association of Japan comes into being
1969 Transition to an incorporated body
1973 The ICSID General Meeting and conference are held in Asia for the first time (8th General Meeting/conference, Tōkyō/Kyōto)“'73 Design Year”
1977 Celebrations to mark 25th anniversary of founding JIDA Design Conference ’77 (Nagoya)
1982 Celebrations to mark 30th anniversary of founding
1983 Publication of “Seichi no Kōzō “(“Sophisticated Structures”)
1989 ICSID General Meeting and conference (16th, Nagoya)
1992 Celebrations to mark 40th anniversary of founding, “The New Dimension of Design” exhibition
1993 Implementation of Central/Area activity system “Made in Nippon” exhibition (Hiroshima)
1995 JIDA office moves to the Axis Building in Roppongi
1996 Formulation of JIDA contract form
1997 Building No. 1 of JIDA Design Museum opens (Shinshūshinmachi, Nagano)
1998 CIDA/KAID/JIDA joint networking event (Naoshima island)
1999 JIDA holds the “Museum Selection Vol.1” exhibition Publication of “Contract and Remuneration Guidelines”
2002 Celebrations to mark 50th anniversary of founding Holds the First ECO exhibition
2003 The JIDA Design Museum (JDM) is set up in the AXIS Building
2005 Publication of JIDA Standard Sample No.1
2009 Publication of the book “Product Design”
2010 PD Certification begins “DESIGN: Two Eras [60s vs. 00s]” Exhibition held at the JDM
2012 Celebrations to mark 60th anniversary of founding JIDA’s status changes to that of Public Interest Incorporated Associatio


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