JIDA Overview

Japan’s only national association for industrial design


The Japan Industrial Design Association (JIDA) is a public interest incorporated association and Japan’s only national association dedicated to professional industrial design. Known since its founding in 1952 as the Japan Industrial Designers’ Association, JIDA shortened its name to the Japan Industrial Design Association in 2021.

Industrial design has developed as a manufacturing-adjacent field of design that strives for beautiful and easy-to-use industrial products predicated on mass production. Today, not only have we set our sights on every industry but we are expanding upon existing methods, meanings, and roles. Industrial design is no longer limited to product development as we have known it; it is expanding into people’s life experiences and value creation, and JIDA operates with the mission of sustainable social and economic development and lifestyle improvement.

JIDA’s activities fall under one of six public interest projects (see Public Interest Projects): studies and research, seminars, hands-on activities, certifications, museums, and domestic and international exchanges and collaboration. Further, we improve the professional development of our members by sharing their information and supporting their occupational abilities. These activities synergistically deepen and enrich industrial design and contribute to our ever-changing society.


As an association, JIDA is structured by the activities of various organizations across the country and those separated by blocs corresponding to the five regions of Japan. The association’s activities are centered on six public interest projects promoting and developing industrial design domestically and overseas. Each bloc, meanwhile, holds seminars and workshops to revitalize their respective region and conduct value enhancement of industrial design.


With this long history and list of achievements, JIDA continues to keep a weather eye on social shifts and historical changes and pursue the creation of a fulfilling future through industrial design.


Regular members: approx. 500 individuals, 10 organizations and corporations
Supporting members: approx. 80 organizations and corporations, 15 individuals
Student members: approx. 30
Activities budget: approx. 60 million JPY
Professional member of the World Design Organization (WDO)
Member of the Council of the Design Association of Japan (D-8)


Information is current as of April 1, 2021