Composed of eight professional design associations (JIDA, JAGDA, JCDA, JID, JPDA, JJDA, DSA, and SDA), D-8 united in a common mission at the behest of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. D-8 kicked off in June 2001 in pursuit of using design in a broad sense to revitalize and contribute to SMEs and regions across Japan, in continuous collaboration with the Japanese industry.


The council of the Design Association of JAPAN/D-8


  1. D-8 uses design to create physical and spiritual abundance in our daily lives.
  2. D-8 supports the industrial world to expand the domains of design and design businesses.
  3. D-8 conducts design-related activities with a basis in culture, society, and the economy.
  4. D-8 supports the promotion of SMEs and the revitalization of regions throughout Japan and contributes widely to the industrial world through design.
  5. D-8 strives to discuss and provide up-to-date information about its activities to increase public awareness about design.
  6. D-8 aims to teach design and impart knowledge widely on its social functions.
  7. D-8 aims also to transmit information about Japanese design to the world and promote international exchange.
  8. D-8 does not primarily seek profit.