Block Activities


Center Administration Office

4F AXIS Bldg., 5-17-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032
TEL:03‐3587‐6391 FAX:03‐3587‐6393

Led by the executive director, its full-time staff handles business related to JIDA management and plays an important role as the window to external bodies. It manages the entire association, including public relations and facilitating communication among members. The attached JIDA Design Museum in AXIS (JIDA Gallery) is used effectively as a gallery space for the members.

Access map to a central secretariat is here.

East Japan Block

4F AXIS Bldg., 5-17-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-00322
TEL:03‐3587‐6391 FAX:03‐3587‐6393

The block is composed of members in regions east of the Kanto? Ko?shinetsu Area, and over half of the current JIDA members are active in the following committees and study groups. Main groups are Management contact group, In-house committee, In-house female designers study group, EDO culture study group, Student friends of the association contact group, JJ (JIDA Junior), Environment committee, Education Committee, Aging-society and welfare committee, Computer design study group, JILDA: JIDA female members group, Information committee, Aide committee, Standards committee, Design life committee, Design Museum committee, 21st century committee, Free time club, Freelance committee, Lighting design study group.

East Japan block WEB site is here.

Chubu Block

1-3-15 Minamigaoka, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken, 464-00422
TEL:052‐722‐2207 FAX:052‐722‐2207

It is composed of members active in the five prefectures (Aichi, Mie, Gifu, Shizuoka and Nagano) in the To?kai Area. In the Chu?bu Block where many manufacturers are located, industrial designer’s from diverse fields are registered as conducting the following activities. Examples are New year party & design discussion, General meetings & events, Ubiquitous life ? Dream idea competition, Ubiquitous life exhibition, Corporate forum sectional committee, Student exchange meeting, Student presentations, Graduation thesis exhibitions, Visitation & PR activity.

Chubu Block WEB site is here.

Hokuriku Block

C/o Kanazawa College of Art, Department of Design, Product Design Major 5-11-1 Kodatsuno, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken, 920-86562
TEL:076‐262‐3684 FAX:076‐262‐6594

Members are concentrated in a small area of about 50km radius from Fukui City to Takaoka City in the three Hokuriku prefectures (Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui), where communication among members is conducted smoothly with a high member participation ratio within the block. The block is characterized by many of its members being involved in design education through educational institutions including universities, teacher and public research organizations, and freelance designers from diverse product design fields of graphics, consulting and instruction.

Hokuriku Block WEB site is here.

Kansai Block

C/o O ̄saka Design Center, A1 10F ATC Bldg, ITM Wing, 2-1-10 Minami Ko?hoku, Suminoe-ku, O ̄saka-shi, O ̄saka, 559-00342
TEL:06‐6615‐5510 FAX:06‐6615‐5173

The block develops activities that effectively make use of its local color against the trend of globalized design. As members are concentrated in the Keihanshin Area, the characteristic includes locally-appropriate, up-to-date design activities. It fosters the talents of the next generation through creating dialog with artisans, who are usually discreet but particular about their work, and presidents of small and medium-sized companies focussing on development of new materials, and design workshops and events for design students and children.

Kansai Block WEB site is here.

West Japan Block

C/o Hiroshima Art Research Center, 1-8-15 Matoba-cho?, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, 732-08242
TEL:082‐506‐3060 FAX:082‐506‐3062

Members are spread out sparsely in a wide area covering 17 prefectures over the Chu?goku, Shikoku and Kyu?shu? Areas. The members comprise a balanced mixture of in-house and freelance designers and those involved in education in the Chu?goku Area, but the members in the Kyu?shu? Area are mostly active as freelance designers. The members conduct individual activities in various positions in such organizations as local major and small corporations and venture corporations, wood furniture industry and life and welfare related corporations, local craft industry, and cooperative organizations in promotional projects by the local government.

West Japan Block WEB site is here.