Membership Benefits (Regular and Supporting Members)


  • Participate in committees and research, and conduct business activities independently
  • Receive free copies of JIDA periodicals
  • Get member discounts on all JIDA books and tools
  • Participate in JIDA-sponsored events for free or at a discounted rate
  • Use the JIDA Gallery (use of the gallery is limited to members only)
  • Get member discounts on design materials, stationery, and more.
  • AXIS direct sales (Living Motif, Le Garage): discounted 10%
  • All Too stores: discounted 10%
  • Use JIDA benefits at many social, health, and wellness facilities
    C’est la vie Resort Izumigo: special discount
  • Sole proprietors who are regular members of JIDA may join the National Health Insurance Union of Artists
  • Freelance designers and design-related business owners who are regular members may register with JAPAN DESIGNERS*
    * JAPAN DESIGNERS is Japan’s only national database of designers and seeks to connect companies in Japan and overseas with designers across various fields. It began in March 2014 as a project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and is today managed and operated by the Council of the Design Association of Japan (D-8).