WDO World Design Conference 2023 to be held in Tokyo

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Public Relations:Shiba Misae, Director of Public Relations:



The World Design Organization (WDO/formerly icsid), of which JIDA is a founding member and honorary member, will hold its general meeting in Tokyo next year. This will be the third time in 34 years that the conference has been held in Japan, following Kyoto in 1973 and Nagoya in 1989. The theme is Design Beyond - Renaissance for Conviviality (Design Beyond - Toward a society where everyone can live like a human being).

It is hoped that this will be an opportunity for design to attract significant attention from society.

JIDA Special Advisor Kazuo Tanaka has been appointed chairman of the executive committee. We look forward to your active participation and cooperation.

For more details, please visit the JDP website.






Release date:2022-03-21 00:52:38