The forefront of manufacturing using 3D printers by the design team of Nichinan


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The ultimate quality prototype "headphones" and the final product "earrings" were the works of the Nichinan Design Team, Inc. that crowded the Stratasys booth at the Monozukuri World "DMS Tokyo" held at the end of June 2022. Starting with examples of their work, what kind of strategy does Nichinan, which provides total support for product development at the forefront of the industry, use to propose prototypes? You will learn about the front lines of this process, see its merits and results, and learn about the direction that we would like to take in our own company as well. This is a must-see for anyone involved in product design and development.


Online Seminar hosted by Stratasys Japan

Date & Time: Wednesday, July 27, 15:30-17:00 (max. 1.5 hours including Q&A)

Place: Online ZOOM

Speaker: Mr. Yoshichi Saruwatari,  

      Director, Nichinan Corporation, General Manager of Design Department/Development Department

Intended Audience: Anyone involved in product design and development

Duration: Up to 1.5 hours including Q&A

Participation: Free of charge, advance registration required








Release date:2022-09-08 13:30:48