JIDA Standard Samples 6〈WOOD〉Launch Lecture ”Kind and warm to people! Charm of wood to heal the heart"


Vegetation processing research committee:Osamu Nakajima



The Material Processing Research Committee (formerly the Standards Committee) of the Japan Industrial Design Association (JIDA) has been providing standard sample books focusing on plastic and metal materials and surface treatments as JIDA STANDARD SAMPLES. Now, in light of the recent focus on manufacturing using natural materials, we have decided to publish a wood sample book.

Although wood is familiar to us in our daily lives and easy to obtain and process, it is not only difficult to determine how to use the various materials in different ways, but it is also difficult to handle. Therefore, we have planned a study session to provide designers and people involved in manufacturing with the information they need to use wood in their products, accompanied by samples of solid wood.

At this study session, we will unveil our new "wood sample collection" JIDA STANDARD SAMPLES "6" and explain the technical information and properties of wood while demonstrating how it is a material that is gentle, warm and soothing to people!



Hybrid seminar :on-site or online participation)

Lecturer: Osamu Nakajima, Assistant Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Industrial Technology

Moderator: Kenichi Asakawa, President, Asakawa Design




◆About JIDA Standard Sample Book

◆Technical information and properties of wood

◆Demonstration of "Tasting Wood" named after "Tasting Sake", where you can feel and smell the texture of the wood. 

◆Q&A session 

JIDA Standard Samples 6 <WOOD>  special site






Release date:2022-06-28 11:21:33