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Until now, JIDA has provided basic sample books focusing on plastic and metal materials and surface treatments as JIDA STANDARD SAMPLES, but in light of the recent increase in manufacturing using natural materials, we have decided to develop and publish a wood sample book.

Although there are many types of wood and it is a difficult material to handle, it is a special material that is gentle and warm to people and can be expected to have a soothing effect on people's minds. We provide designers and craftspeople who want to use wood in their products with the information they need, along with actual samp



  1. Contains 36 types of general-purpose lumber commonly distributed in Japan
  2. Includes 48 solid 2mm-thick boards, 12 of which are set in both board and quarter-sawn sizes.
  3. Includes radar charts for easy comparison of hardness, strength, weight, workability, decay resistance, and price
  4. All 36 species are described by species, family, scientific name, provenance, characteristics, and uses.
  5. Designers can easily find a list of uses for each wood.
  6. Explanations on processing and finishing methods are included.
  7. Reliable quality based on the collective knowledge of material manufacturers and industry associations


General sample books are available for sale here:

Download Wooden Sample Book PDF


 JIDA STANDARD SAMPLES 6 Now on sale for pre-order campaign

  • Price:¥59,400-(Tax included, shipping charges not included)
  • Publish date:Scheduled for the end of May <Shipment will start on June 1.>
  • Campaign Period: March 1, 2022 ~ May 31

●Benefit:During the campaign period, if you order "JIDA STANDARD SAMPLES 6" and another sample book (JIDA STANDARD SAMPLES 1-4A/4B) at the same time, we will offer 15% off for all sample books except 6.


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JIDA STANDARD SAMPLES-6「木のサンプル帳」(Tax Included: 59,400円)
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