Seminar "The Essentials of Design Royalty Contracts”


Professions Committee Chair:Terunaga Yoshida



A template for a "Royalty Agreement" will be released by a joint contract study group of the JIDA Profession (formerly Profession) Committee and the Japan Benshiryoku-kai. Royalties are paid in proportion to the number of products sold, as opposed to general commission transactions, which are settled on a case-by-case basis. This is a valuable opportunity to hear about the contract template and also to hear about the actual application and tips for using it. The event will be held in a hybrid format of online and real-life (on-site participation). We look forward to your participation.


This seminar has ended, but more seminars will be scheduled in the future.

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※The content of the agreement is for JIDA members and other design organization members.

Part 1:   18:05-19:00 Outline of Royalty Agreement

    Contract Disclosure Toshiharu Horikoshi, Vice-Chairman

    Lecturer: Kakushi Aoki, Patent Attorney (K&T Patent and Trademark Office), Representative of Design Committee,                                          Japan Patent Attorneys Association

    What is a royalty agreement?


Part 2:       19:05-19:50 Examples of Royalty Contracts  

    Yutaka Matsumoto, Representative Director, Form Co.

    Toshiharu Horikoshi, Representative Director, C.D.W.S., Ltd.

    Kouei Yoshida, Representative, Artesano Design, LLC

    Tadashi Sano, Representative Director, SANO DESIGN

    Fumihide Hachiro, Representative Director, Factus Design Ltd.



Part 3:        19:50 - 20:45 Individual consultation (for real venue participants only)







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