JIDA Design Museum Selection Vol.24 Open Call for Nominations


Selection Committee Chairman:Yusuke Ashizawa



The JIDA Design Museum Selection is a project to promote and educate the public about design through the publication of a catalogue of outstanding designs, exhibitions at the AXIS Gallery, and traveling exhibitions, with the aim of "passing on the past, present, and future of design to tomorrow.

We are now accepting nominations for the Design Museum Selection Vol. 24, and we would like to ask you to nominate products sold in Japan that you think are worthy of being selected for the selection.



Nomination period: Wednesday, August 17, 2022

◆How to nominate: Please nominate using the form at the following URL

◆Public Call for Nominations page


Self-recommendation is not required. We look forward to receiving your positive submissions!






Release date:2022-09-08 11:56:05