【JIDA 70th Anniversary Event】ONE DAY DESIGN ACADEMY


Kansai Bloc:Kairi Eguchi



Since its establishment in 1952, the Japan Industrial Design Association (JIDA) has been engaged in a variety of activities as a professional association for industrial design. To mark the 70th anniversary, JIDA Kansai Block will hold an event titled "ONE DAY DESIGN ACADEMY KANSAI" as a commemorative project.

”ONE DAY DESIGN ACADEMY KANSAI" is a one-day talk show for students and young designers who aspire to become designers, and other future designers.

Outline of event

Date : Thursday, August 11, 2022 10:00 ~ 16:30 at Osaka Nakanoshima Art Museum Hall


Talk Show Program and Speakers>

Session 01   10:20 - 11:10

Theme: "The world of design that I want young people who are starting their careers to know

・Ryosuke Fukusada (FUKUSADA STUDIO)


Session 02   11:20 - 12:10

Theme: "New Craft: Pursuit of Craft-like Resin Molding Technique

・Hiroshi Mitachi (President, SHINKOGEISHA)


Session 03   12:20-13:10

Theme: "The Future of Mobility (Public and Personal)

・Satoru Minagawa (Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.) x JIDA members


Session 04   13:20-14:10

Theme: "How should the field of design education change?

・Takashi Hojo (Kyoto University of Arts) × Yasuhisa Koreeda (Osaka University of Arts) × Shinsuke Nomura (Kyoto Seika University)


Session 05   14:20-15:10 

Theme: "Smart City OSAKA2025 will be created by Design Thinking

・Tomoaki Murata (Haas Institute for Experimental Design)


Session 06   15:20-16:10

Theme: "Difference between Foreign Design and Japanese Design

・Toshiyuki Kita (Kita Toshiyuki Design Institute)







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