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Public relations:Director of Public Relations  Misae Shiba



We are pleased to announce the I-Open Project Forum from our supporting member, Sony Corporation.

I-OPEN PROJECT 21 Forum" will be held by the Japan Patent Office to discuss how to tackle social issues through the experiences of startup companies, non-profit corporations, and sole proprietors, as well as advice from expert supporters and experts.

The I-OPEN Project is a companion support program for startup companies, non-profit corporations, and sole proprietors (I-OPENER) who are working to solve various social issues, and expert supporters who are familiar with intellectual property and business, to think and act together as one team to support them in solving social issues by utilizing intellectual property. This is a companion support program to help solve social issues by thinking and acting together and utilizing intellectual property.

The Creative Center, the design division of Sony Group Inc.

Through the process of reconfirming their own ideas and strengths with regard to the social issues they are addressing, the participating I-OPENERs are considering ways to utilize intellectual property to achieve their mid- to long-term goals, such as licensing programs, risk hedging, and entrepreneurship, as well as to expand their activities and turn empathy into cooperation. The Forum is a forum for the discussion of IP utilization methods.

This forum will unravel the possibilities of IP utilization that can be used to solve social issues through a dialogue between expert supporters and intellectuals based on I-OPENER's realizations and achievements.


Outline of the event 

Date: Thu,  March 3, 2022     18:30 ~ 20:30

Entrance fee:Free

How to participate: Online Live Streaming


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Organizing: JPO Design Management Project

Secretariat: Creative Center, Sony Group Inc.

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Release date:2022-03-20 23:54:08