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-University Design Situation in Turin, Italy; Japanese EVs from a European Perspective; Online Summer Training; The World's Only Full-Size Student Design Model; etc.-

The European Commission announced its policy to ban the sale of new engine cars by 2035. In Norway, the world leader, BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles = 100% electric vehicles) have maintained a market share of around 70% since the summer, and internal combustion engine vehicles are becoming a thing of the past.

Designers today are being asked to address social issues in the paradigm shift in mobility, which is being called a once-in-a-century event. Watch presentations from Professor Inoue and car designers who participated in the project on the status of EVs in Europe with corporate designers who are pioneering tradition and innovation. This is an opportunity for designers, management and students to experience Europe. We look forward to your participation.


Lecturer Profile

Mr. Inoue Masato

Professor, Department of Transportation, IED (Institute Europe di Design), Torino, Italy
After graduating from the Art Center of California, he began designing and developing concept cars for Nissan Motor Company and oversaw Nissan's LEAF, the world's first large-scale mass-produced electric vehicle, as well as teaching design at several universities before assuming his current position.


Date & Time: Friday, April 8, 2022, 18:00 - 20:30 (including Q&A)
Venue: ZOOM Online
Capacity: 100 (first-come-first-served basis)
Participation fee: JIDA member 2,000 yen General 4,000 yen Student 1,000 yen



  1. Greetings on transfer from IAAD to IED and announcement of continuation of IED SUMMER CAR DESIGN WORKSHOP for FY2022 (10 minutes)
  2. The EV Situation in Japan from a European Perspective
  3. Introduction of the contents of "Why EVs are necessary - a wake-up call for Japan in the midst of the hybrid boom" commissioned by the Climate Group (40 minutes)
  4. Report on IAAD SUMMER WORKSHOP 2021 
  5. A report on the one-month online IAAD Summer Workshop held in September 2021. Video of real-time meetings with car designers active overseas will be shown and a presentation by Mr. Endo of Hino Design, who actually participated in the workshop will be given (40 minutes).
    IED Collaboration Project 2022 [ALPINE].
  6. -Introduction of the production and design process of the 1/1 size model of the collaboration project between IED and French company ALPINE, scheduled for world premiere on March 18, 2022 (40 minutes)
  7. Q&A (20 minutes)


日時: 日 時:2022年4月8日(金)18:00 - 20:30(質疑応答含む)
会場: オンライン
参加費: JIDA会員 2,000円 一般 4,000円 学生 1,000円


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その他: 参加申し込みされた方には開催前日までにZOOMのURLをお送りします。



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