Designers with a proven track record in China will be feature in the book.


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The China-Japan Industrial Design Center, with which JIDA is currently considering establishing a cooperative relationship, is an organization established in January 2021 by agreement with the local government of Suzhou, China, with the goal of design cooperation between China and Japan. As part of this project, the publication of a book introducing Japanese designers and design companies that have worked in China is planned.

The book will be a good opportunity for further PR in China, as design achievements and other information can be freely expressed in the book. Although the deadline is limited, please consider submitting an active application. There is no cost.




  1. Designers or companies with design experience in China
  2. Must be able to provide manuscript and images by deadline
  3. Applicants must be able to apply by March 31 and enter the school by April 15.

Book Overview

  1. Name: "Japanese Design in China
  2. Format: 245 (H) x 182 (W) size, 160-200 pages3 , Price: approx. 3,000 yen (sold in China)
  3. Readership: Companies wishing to commission Japanese designers, students, people involved in other design fields, etc.
  4. Composition: 10 architectural design companies, 10 landscape design companies, 10 interior design companies, 10 product and other design companies

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*Manuscripts should be in Japanese.
*Please apply first and we will send you the necessary information.
*Please send your application directly to the Tokyo office of the Chunichi Industrial Design Center.

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