2022 Spring Kyoto Gift Show ACTIVE CREATORS STORE Call for Exhibitors

Event 外部イベント

West Japan Bloc :Representative of the Design Makers Study Group Masayuki Hasegawa



The Design Makers Study Group plans to exhibit at the JIDA booth for the first time at the Spring 2022 Kyoto International Gift Show ACTIVE CREATORS STORE.

This will be the first time for JIDA to exhibit in the new ACTIVE CREATORS STORE area, where it is now possible to sell products at the venue.

The key point is that you can not only exhibit your products to expand sales channels, but also sell your own products at retail on the spot. We are looking for 3-4 designers (corporations or sole proprietors are acceptable) who would like to sell their design products at the venue as if it were a POPUP store, not just a sales channel expansion business meeting.

Kyoto Gift Show Features

・Retail sales to visitors are possible on the spot
・Exhibit fees are about 1/3 of those at the Tokyo Gift Show.
・Exhibitors located far from the show site can send their products on consignment (no need to visit the show site)


■Date: Wed,  March 9, 〜 Thu, March 10, 2021   10:00-18:00 

■Place : Miyako Messe, Kyoto City

■Access: 8 minutes walk from Hgashiyama station, Kyoto subway Tozai-sen








Release date:2022-03-20 22:39:14