Donation Request


”Toward an Expanded Design Tomorrow."


Thank you for your continued interest in JIDA's activities.

Your donation to JIDA will help us fulfill our mission to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the economy, and to the enhancement of lifestyle and culture by promoting the value of industrial design.

Specific business activities are as follows.

 <Specific use of funds>          

1. Project to grant qualifications           

2. Seminar business           

3. Experiential activity projects           

4. Design museum projects     

5. Survey and research projects          

6. Exchange programs 


You can designate how your donation will be used

    Donations to each of the six projects listed above (individual selection possible)
    Donations to the 70th anniversary projects
    Donations to JIDA as a whole
    Donation to a committee or block

Collection period: April 1 - March 31

Donation method: Credit card, postal transfer, bank transfer, etc.



JIDA is a tax-deductible corporation, which means that you can take an income tax deduction for any donations made to JIDA or JIDA projects. Receipts will be mailed to you by the end of January, when tax returns are due, so please apply for the tax credit.
For more information, please visit the IRS page at

<How to Donate>

You can designate how your donation will be used

    ・Donations to JIDA as a whole
    ・Donations to the Design Museum Project
    ・Donations can be made to other projects, committees or blocks

1. Donations by credit card

  Donations can be made easily by credit card. Please access the following URL, select whether you wish to make a continuing donation or a one-time donation, and    specify the amount you wish to donate.


2.Dedicated Web Form for Donations to JIDA

    When you apply, please indicate in the message list of the donation form the name of the project, committee, or block you would like us to use. If you do not state        it, the donation will be made to JIDA as a whole as described in 1.
    Even if you do not indicate, you may specify the use of the donation by e-mail or phone call to the secretariat at a later date.
    Please note that donations to specific projects or blocks will be counted per fiscal year from April to March.


3. Donations by Bank Transfer

If you wish to make your donation by postal transfer, please check the box below and click the "Send" button. If you wish to make a donation by bank transfer, please check the box below and click the "Send" button, or contact the JIDA office below and let them know. If you wish to donate by bank transfer, please transfer the funds to the account below. Please include the name and address of the donor. We will send you a receipt by mail.