JIDA Activities

JIDA's activities can be divided into two main categories: center activities and area activities.

Center activities are the basic management activities of the association. The 13 directors make decisions on basic policies and manage the association.

Area activities are aimed at revitalizing regional design, with three areas and five blocks, each of which has its own distinctive activities rooted in the local community. They also serve as bases where many members can directly participate in activities.



Center Activities , Block Activities

he Board of Directors, consisting of 15 elected directors, has established committees to carry out basic policies and operations such as general affairs, finance, information, and external liaison activities related to the association as a whole, and to conduct center activities. On the other hand, in the five blocks that divide Japan into five regions, there are committees and study groups to carry out distinctive activities closely related to each region, and these active block activities are carried out with the participation and cooperation of many members.