Membership Types

Regular: Individuals (admission fee: 30,000 yen, annual membership fee: 36,000 yen)
Individuals aligned with JIDA’s objectives and with three or more years of professional experience in the field of or related to industrial design

Regular: Business/Organization (admission fee: 50,000 yen, annual membership fee: 100,000 yen)
Groups aligned with JIDA’s objectives and operating professionally in the field of or related to industrial design

Supporting Member
Individuals and groups aligned with JIDA’s objectives and willing to support JIDA’s activities
Individual: No admission fee, annual membership fee: 18,000 yen.
Business/Organization: No admission fee, annual membership fee: 50,000 yen per unit (must be two or more units)

Student Member (admission fee: 3,000 yen, no annual membership fee)
Current students aligned with JIDA’s objectives and willing to participate in JIDA’s activities
Join Us with Regular or Supporting Membership
To apply for regular or supporting membership, click on the link below.
To become a regular member, fill out the membership application and attach a description of your experience and any related images (anything that will help us understand your accomplishments and background) to the form on the following page. Our board will examine your submitted materials and notify you of the results at a later date.











<個 人>   入会金なし/年会費1万8千円

<法人・団体> 入会金なし/年会費1口5万円: 2口以上











JIDAでは、通常の会員制度の他に学生会員制度を設けています。インダストリアルデザインに興味や 関心がある学生の方、インダストリアルデザインを学んでいる、もしくは学ぼうとしている学生の方などを対象とした制度です。各種セミナーやイベントへの無料参加(有料のものもあります)。わずかな費用で、各種刊行物の割引購入、各種催し物への優先割引参加など、さまざまなサービスを提供するものです。

インダストリアルデザインに興味や 関心がある学生の方にとって、学生会員制度はID界の広がりと深さを知る絶好の機会です。JIDA活動に参加することで、JIDA会員との交流の場が広がり、JIDAからしか得られないインダストリアルデザインの現場の声をじかに聞くことができ、情報交換の輪が広がるでしょう。

学生会員(入会金3千円/年会費なし 卒業まで有効)








Student Membership

JIDA has a student membership system in addition to our regular membership. Students interested in, studying, or planning to study industrial design may apply for student membership. Student members may attend various seminars and events free of charge (although some events require payment). We offer various services for modest fees, such as offer discounts on our many publications and priority discounts for event attendance.
For students interested in industrial design, JIDA’s student membership system is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the breadth and depth of the field. Grow your pool of knowledge through exchanges made possible only through JIDA, where you will be provided with opportunities to interact with JIDA members and hear voices directly from the field of industrial design.


Student Membership (admission fee: 3,000 yen, no annual fee, membership canceled after graduation)
Students with an expansive interest in industrial design and enrolled in a university, graduate school, or vocational school
Students must have Japanese citizenship if enrolled in a university, graduate school, or trade school located overseas
Note: Student membership will end when the member ceases to be a student
It’s easy to register online for student membership. Click on the link below to proceed to online registration.







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